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10 Disney homes where you can actually stay

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The magic of Disney is not limited to the characters conjured and stories imagined. Their movies are equally indebted to the evocative fairy-tale settings: tall towers, dank dungeons, faraway kingdoms and ornate palaces.

To fuel your children’s imagination, take one holiday home, add a dash of make-believe and wave a magic wand for good measure. Hey presto: we present ten properties that are fit for princes, princesses, kings and queens. Which Disney movie would you like to recreate? Here are our top ten Disney homes where you can stay.

1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The Dwarfs’ Cottage

Disney homes | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Photo: thingverse
With its thatched roof and slanted ceilings, this 18th-century cottage is straight out of Snow White. While mercifully free of poison apples and wicked witches, the New Forest cottage sleeps 13 – enough to accommodate the largest of families or smallest of siblings. From fair-skinned princesses to soot-nosed diamond miners, all are welcome in the cottage that time forgot.

“No you can’t stay in a whale”

2. Pinocchio: Geppetto’s Workshop

Disney homes | Pinocchio Geppetto Workshop

Photo: Disney wikia
No, you can’t stay in a whale, but content yourself with the next best thing – Geppetto’s workshop. Complete with terracotta floors and rustic beams, this 18th-century farmhouse is just 20 miles from Parco di Pinocchio, where you can entertain the kids while teaching them about the perils of lying.

3. The Sword in the Stone: Merlin’s Tower

The Sword in the Stone Merlin Tower

Photo: Disney wikia
The Sword in the Stone may not have been set in South Africa, but in every other respect this quirky castle could easily pass for Merlin’s mish-mashed tower. Don’t panic: Mad Madam Mim won’t be in the welcoming party.

“Watch out for the wicked sea witch”

4. The Little Mermaid: Eric’s Castle

The Little Mermaid Erics Castle

Photo: Disney wikia
All this 16-century castle needs is a mermaid to walk out of the sea and woo its handsome owner. Set on the Dalmatian Coast, the historic abode will fulfil all your aquatic fantasies – just watch out for the wicked sea witch.

5. Beauty and the Beast: Beast’s Castle

Disney homes | Beauty and the Beast Beast’s Castle

Photo: Disney Wikia
Forest? Check. French chateau? Check. Hirsute prince and anthropomorphised candlesticks? Er, nope. But in every other respect, Castle Le Chareau’s verisimilitude is uncanny. You won’t even need to bring your imagination – get here and the fairy tale will tell itself.

“You won’t even need three wishes”

6. Aladdin: Sultan’s palace

Aladdin Sultans palace

Photo: Disney wikia
This riad in Agadir will allow you to live like a sultan. With a sumptuous pool, rooftop terrace and ocean views, you won’t even need three wishes – everything’s just perfect the way it is, thanks.

7. Alice in Wonderland: Rabbit’s House

Alice in Wonderland Rabbits House

Photo: Disney wikia
Pink cottages – much like pink everything – are perennially popular with aspiring princesses. This Welsh retreat has much more to it than a garish exterior, but for Disney devotees, it’s the perfect playground for little (or is that big?) Alice.

“You’ll have a physique to rival Hercules”

8. Hercules: Villa overlooking Mount Olympus

Hercules Villa overlooking Mount Olympus

Photo: bplusmovieblog
Geographical liberties aside, this Italian villa could comfortably double as Zeus’ Olympus lair. What’s more, after running around Lake Como and conducting bootcamps in the hills, you’ll have a physique to rival Hercules. Alternatively, you could just kick back on the terrace while you nurse a superior red and savour the view. Your call.

9. Tarzan: Tarzan’s Treehouse

Tarzan Tarzans Treehouse

Photo: bslcrane
Who hasn’t harboured dreams of living in a treehouse? Gently swaying to sleep; awakening to birdsong; greeting the new day by beating your chest and swinging from the treetops. Topo’s Costa Rican treehouse puts Tarzan’s to shame.

10. Mary Poppins: The Banks’ Townhouse

Mary Poppins The Banks Townhouse

Photo: bslcrane
This Islington townhouse is reminiscent of the one where Mary Poppins flew in. During your stay in the Georgian home, you’ll have to forgo the services of the original supernanny. The kids can click their fingers as much as they like, but those toys aren’t going to tidy themselves away. Boo.

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