10 holiday homes with celebrity chef-style kitchens

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For many, a holiday presents a chance to leave the kitchen behind and let someone else do the cooking. For a certain breed of holidaymaker, however, a spell away is the perfect opportunity for mastering recipes and hosting dinner parties.

If you’re intent on cooking up a storm on holiday, you’ll need a well-equipped kitchen with enough space to strut your stuff. A pokey galley with a single hob just ain’t gonna cut it. To cook like a chef, you need facilities that befit a chef.

The sizzle of garlic in the pan and the scent of roasting pine nuts

We’ve rounded up a selection of kitchens that are just like their celebrity counterparts. All that’s missing is a master chef to do them justice. Are you ready to step up to the plate?

1. Jamie Oliver’s pukka Hampstead kitchen

Jamie Oliver's kitchen
Photo Russavia.

Jamie – just “Jamie” – would feel right at home in this pukka Hampstead kitchen. It’s cheeky, it’s a bit “phooar” and, oh yeah, some actual facts: its open-plan layout makes it ideal for friends sharing a jug of Pimms while the lamb roasts. Or a beer while Jamie’s post-modern beans on toast melts. It’s the perfect kitchen for thrashing out a couple of Jamie Oliver’s express recipes – but don’t be surprised if you’re still toiling away an hour later. 20-minute meals? 20 minutes just for the prep more like. See more here

2. Gordon Ramsay’s French country cooking

Gordon Ramsay
Photo: Dave Pullig.

Gordon Ramsay mastered his craft in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Paris, where he developed a lifelong passion for French cooking. His precise dishes and attention-to-detail are legendary, with many of the fiery chef’s greatest dishes inspired by French cuisine. From flaky pastry to rich stews, this French kitchen invites you to start clattering pans together and seasoning the stock. Fuelled by the local food markets, you’ll never have a better chance to cook the best meal of your life. So no pressure then. See more here.

A rustic kitchen, all the time in the world and a good bottle of red 

3. Gino D’Acampo would show this Puglian kitchen who was boss

Gino D'Acampo
Photo: Edvvc.

Picture the scene: late evening sun pouring through the glass, excited cries as the kids caper on the lawn, the sizzle of garlic in the pan and the scent of roasting pine nuts. If you can cook pasta, you can recreate Italy anywhere, but why recreate when you can visit Puglia and just create? The freshest ingredients, a rustic kitchen, all the time in the world and a good bottle of red. Yeah, that works. See more here.

4. Flounce around this luxury kitchen like a domestic goddess

A Paris kitchen for Nigella Lawson
Photo: Laurieflower.com.

It’s the simple things in life that bring the greatest happiness: a few friends, an old song on the radio, a roaring stove and a mother’s recipe. Party like Nigella by whipping up dinner in this stylish Parisian kitchen. Then, when you’ve eaten, party like Nigella. See more here.

5. Colours and flavours erupt in Paul Hollywood’s cocina Mexicana

Mexican kitchen
Photo: Tim Fields.

Packed with colour and layered with exotic flavours, Paul Hollywood’s cooking is as flamboyant as this classic Mexican kitchen. Made for hosting, grilling and drinking, it opens onto a formal dining room, ensuring that the chef doesn’t miss a jot of the repartee. Casa Panorama is an aptly-named abode. To find out why, open a window and catch a swatch of the bay. Ooft. See more here.

A wild boar on a spit and flagons of mead 

6. Follow The Hairy Bikers to a different time and place

The Hairy Bikers
Photo: Skipton Castle.

You don’t have to be hairy or a biker to spot the potential afforded by this flagstone kitchen. Situated in an 800-year-old manor house, it’s the ultimate spot for throwing a Medieval dinner party complete with a wild boar on a spit (or, y’know, a vegan alternative) and flagons of mead. Don’t let the exposed beams and stone walls fool you though – this kitchen packs a punch where it matters thanks to its gleaming AGA. Coaxing the embers with a pair of bellows will not be required. See more here.

7. Cook in a riverside cottage fit for you-know-Hugh

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Photo: Paul Tomlin.

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has a thing for cottages by the water’s edge. The riverside is where his greatest work is realised; back-to-basics cooking that utilises locally-caught rabbit, crustaceans and handfuls of fresh herbs and root vegetables. For those who desire the quiet life, this tranquil Buckinghamshire retreat promises bucolic bliss and culinary heaven. Chop into a bunch of fresh thyme and catch the vapours. Life smells good. Now grab a skillet and make it taste even better. See more here.

8. A classic chateau for budding Blancs

Raymond Blanc French Chateau
Photo Dailyinfo.

Raymond Blanc came to England as a young man, bringing with him France’s wonderful culinary traditions and rich flavours. Take a trip to his homeland and contemplate returning the compliment as you pace this French manor house kitchen. The Périgord region is prized for its local produce; fill your basket and then fulfil your French fancies in this Blanc-worthy kitchen. See more here.

9. A bit trad, a bit mod, a whole bit Tom Kerridge

Tom Kerridge celebrity chef-style kitchens

Photo: Saffronbunny.

The kitchen that’s the centrepiece of Tom’s popular TV show is practical and streamlined, just like this characterful New York number. Socialise in it, eat in it – hell, even cook in it if you like. Then, when you’re done, fill the sink and hit the city. The dishes can wait. See more here.

Cold-pressed olive oil and 00 flour 

10. Antonio Carluccio’s Italian idyll

Photo: Boden Blog.

Hearty, home-cooked fare, just like your mama used to make. Even if you just called her “mum”, everyone has a handed-down recipe that is cherished and closely guarded. Traditional food deserves a traditional kitchen – the sort of place where Antonio Carluccio could be found banging on about cold-pressed olive oil and 00 flour. This home may hail from Toronto, but it’s slap-bang in the middle of Little Italy. More to the point, its kitchen is tailor-made for nostalgia cooking. Did food taste better back in the day or does it just seem that way? Faithfully follow your mama’s recipe and decide for yourself. See more here.

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