11 exquisite celebrity-style holiday homes

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Their smiles may be whiter and their wallets heavier, but in every other respect, celebs are just like us, right? Not really. When was the last time you had to charter a chopper to travel from your second home to your third? Or bemoaned the fact that your pebble stone pool is shaded by your yoga studio?

“A double infinity pool that flows into the Pacific ocean”

With great celebrity comes great property. Swish and sprawling; kitsch and crass: there’s a celebrity home out there to suit your tastes. The odds of blagging an invite to Brangelina or Kimye’s may be slight, but that doesn’t mean you can’t lap up the celeb lifestyle.

Whether you crave affordable glamour or utter luxury, we’ve rounded up 11 holiday homes that are every bit as sumptuous as their celebrity counterparts.

Live like Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow in Malibu

Malibu: the playground of the rich, the famous and the rich & famous. A stunning 1970s property, known as the Garwood Residence, could be yours for a mere $15 million. Or rather it could had Chris Martin or Gwyneth Paltrow not just snapped it up; it’s unclear which half of the recently separated couple will be consoling themselves in the 3,600 sq feet of luxury living space and mooring their yacht off Malibu’s most exquisite stretch of private beach.

At the top end of the market, this six-bedroom Malibu mansion provides enough luxury to cosset the most pampered of celebs – you’ll like it. It boasts an oversize fire pit and double infinity pool that flows into the Pacific ocean. Yes, it’s that awesome.

Live like George Clooney on Lake Como

Are there any celebs who don’t have a second home on Lake Como? Only the B- and C-listers, and they don’t count. For the George Clooneys of the world (read: George Clooney), Lake Como is a grand home from home – one replete with an outdoor theatre, 25 rooms and tennis courts.

If you fancy rubbing shoulders – or at least sharing lakefront views – with Italy’s jet set, you’ll need something like Villa Benessere. Of course it’s set on the shores of Lake Como. Yes it does have a spa, gym, infinity pool and wine cellar. Price, you say? Think of a figure around the 50 grand mark. You’re now envisaging a week’s stay in HomeAway’s plushest Lake Como villa.

For the still-awfully-plush-but-a-bit-less-extravagant, Villa Navalia is HomeAway’s Affordable Glamour pick. Nine gorgeous bedrooms (with bathrooms to match), an enormous roof terrace and a jacuzzi will set you and 17 others back £6,570 for a week. That’s a pretty reasonable £365 per person. Not bad for a week spent cavorting about like overindulged celebs.

“The neighbours aren’t bad either – this is Bel Air after all.”

Live like Kimye in Bel Air

Moving to Bel Air typically requires more than an irate mother and a serendipitously placed auntie and uncle: you’ll need social connections, money and good taste – although the latter is optional. The conjoined celebrity power couple that is Kimye has reportedly rinsed $9 million on a gated mansion which comes in at a miserly 9,000 square feet – which is why plans are already in the offing to gut the place and expand it to a more reasonable 14,000 square feet.

celebrity-style holiday homes

If you’re in the market for a similar offering – if only for a week – try this Bel Air mansion for size. With 13,000 square feet to explore, you could spend an entire week just pacing out your new abode. This includes a 2,000 foot master bedroom and large whirlpool tub. There’s also a large courtyard and stunning canyon and city views. The neighbours aren’t bad either – this is Bel Air after all.

Our Affordable Glamour option in Bel Air sleeps eight, with prices around £4,355 per week. Orchids and Buddha statues create a calming ambience; you’d never guess that the razzmatazz of Sunset Boulevard lies close by. Unwind in the evenings with a glass of wine in the Jacuzzi before warming yourself by the fire pit.

“The Oaks was a quiet gated community. Then Bieber moved in.”

Live like Khloe Kardashian in San Fernando Valley

Some houses are just too hot for their hosts to handle – which is why they’re passed from celeb to celeb like an unwanted screenplay. There’s nothing wrong with Justin Bieber’s Californian mansion however – it’s him that’s got the problem.

The Oaks was a quiet gated community in Calabasas. Then Bieber moved in and all hell broke loose. To the relief of his long-suffering neighbours, the media-bating heartthrob has now sold the property – to Khloe Kardashian.

To live like a spoilt Canadian, try this Mulholland mansion for size, but whatever you do, don’t throw eggs at the neighbours. The art deco pad is close to Bieber’s old stomping ground; not far from Khloe Kardashian’s new abode you’ll also find the former home of Kourtney Kardashian. The apple never falls far from the tree.

  • Mulholland Drive
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Mulholland Drive
  • Mulholland Drive

For our Affordable Glamour option, try this Monterey-style estate in the heart of Calabasas. There’s a library, huge open-plan kitchen and an “entertainer’s yard” aka The Place Where The Magic Happens. Should you tire of dipping your toes in the spa and sizzling steaks on the barbecue, take a stroll around the neighbourhood while you indulge in a game of celeb spotting. Just remember not to stare and point.

Live like Helen Mirren in Puglia

Puglia is where Baroque architecture and conical trulli can be found overlooking clean beaches and green hills. It’s also where Helen Mirren happens to own a 500-year-old Italian castle. The property, which has been extensively refurbished, features a vineyard, high fortified walls and fine views of the Mediterranean.

Live like an Oscar-winning actress by spending a week in the glorious Villa Magnifica. Situated in the refined Borgo Egnazia resort, its turquoise pool and large private garden will give you A-list levels of privacy. Set across three floors, Villa Magnifica is utterly magnificent. Just look at it!

“Assuming you don’t have $72 million handy…”

Live like Celine Dion in Florida

What do you do when your fame prohibits something as simple as taking the kids to the theme park? Why you construct your own private water park complete with multiple pools, slides, bridges and river. Until recently, such a home was the des res of famed warbler Celine Dion, who treated Oprah viewers to a tour of the aquatic paradise a couple of years ago.

Assuming you don’t have $72 million handy, your best bet would be to check out this family villa on West Palm Beach. It’s utterly luxurious and conveniently close to Rapids, Florida’s largest aquatic theme park where, presumably, you’re unlikely to be troubled by autograph-hunters. Oh, it’s also got a spa nook and a pool. So much water.

Live like Bette Middler on Fifth Avenue

Bette Midler may not match the A-listers of this world for paparazzi-chasing fame, but when it comes to property, her tastes are every bit as cultured. The all-singing, all-dancing entrepreneur’s Fifth Avenue penthouse comes with an exquisite view of the Manhattan skyline which can be admired from the wraparound terrace.

If you’re looking to share ZIP codes and scenic views with Bette Middler, this gorgeous apartment, overlooking Central Park, is just the ticket. Housed in the city’s tallest mixed-use building, its elegant, post-modern design will leave you torn: should you venture out and explore the Big Apple or stay in and admire it from above?

If that’s not central enough for you, try our Affordable Glamour option, priced from £447 per night. In addition to claiming one of NY’s most prestigious addresses – One Central Park Place – you’ll enjoy all the comforts that come with staying at the Trump Hotel. This is how the jet set live when they’re in town. Join them for a weekend and assume the celeb lifestyle. Pro tip: you’ll like it.

“Previous guests are rumoured to include Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox”

Live like Cindy Crawford in Mexico

Prancing around in swimwear comes naturally to supermodels, but in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, Cindy Crawford’s never underdressed. That’s because wearing the bare minimum is mandatory in a country where the mercury can easily nudge 40 on a summer’s day. That’s when Cindy Crawford’s luxury Los Cabos home comes into its own, thanks to a shaded courtyard that leads to a series of dining spaces, swimming pool and terrace overlooking the beach.

If you’d care to join Ms Crawford in Los Cabos, Casa Oliver is the one to wish for. What would you rather hear about – its terrace, pool, movie theatre, gym and spa or its previous guests, rumoured to include Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox? Have it all – it’s all yours for a week’s stay at £39,080 for 14 privileged people.

The Affordable Glamour option is as affordable as it is, well, glamorous. High ceilings, a deck area, large pool and jacuzzi are offered alongside precious views of the Sea of Cortez. 10 guests can kick back in style for a week for just £3,620.

“Matt Damon!”

Live like Matt Damon on Miami Beach

Aside from his name (go on, say it in your best Team America voice), Matt Damon’s greatest asset is his Miami Beach mansion. The ultimate view of Biscayne Bay for the ultimate man named Matt Damon. Pool, roof terrace, outside bar, dock and – of course – Matt Damon – all come as standard.

Villa Casablanca, HomeAway’s Luxury counterpart, is equipped with five bedrooms, a grand staircase, marble throughout, terrace, pool, waterfront deck and immaculate gardens. A seven-night rental for 10 starts from £10,750. Just add Matt Damon.

Otro Mundo, the Affordable Glamour option, lies on Florida’s opulent Key Biscayne. Five bedrooms, a grand terrace and pool with bayside views will set 14 guests back £4,115 for seven nights. All together now: “Matt Damon!”

Live like Sarah Jessica Parker in Greenwich Village

You can say what you like about SJP, but there’s no disputing the Sex and the City starlet has got great taste. Or great taste in interior designers at least. Like it makes a difference. The plush Greenwich Village stable she shares with hubby Matthew Broderick has table tennis and a piano in the living room and is packed with personal touches. This is one celebrity house that truly feels like a home.

celebrity-style holiday homes

Looking for somewhere with as much personality as SJP’s gaff? This Greenwich Village duplex is elegant, homely and full of classy little touches. Go on, just take a look.

Live like Elle McPherson in The Cotswolds

Not all celebs are too lazy to leave America. Some have willingly eschewed the endless sunshine and flashbulbs for a quieter, more idyllic existence. Deep in The Cotswolds, Elle McPherson has made herself a traditional home that’s rustic, charming and other stoutly British superlatives. It’s beautifully furnished and perfectly situated overlooking a lake, as every Cotswolds manor should be.

HomeAway’s Luxury option, Larchwood Lodge, effortlessly meets that criteria; the four-bedroom waterfront home is set in 650 acres and filled with little comforts. A seven-night stay comes to £2,500, with space for 11.

For location alone, HomeAway’s Affordable Glamour property, Bittern Lodge, runs Larchwood close. Five bedrooms, an airy, glass-fronted design and the requisite lakeside view add up to a respectable £1,400 for a seven-night stay, also for 11.

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