Fairytale Castle in France

11 World Cup winners’ castles that are fit for a king

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Germany is celebrating Sunday’s triumphal win over Argentina – and a brilliant cup campaign in general.

As they relax, we take a look at our fantastic castles from around the world, some of which might just be big enough for today’s soccer stars. Luckily enough for the rest of us, you don’t need to be a millionaire to stay in one of these holiday homes. So start saving up the pennies, grab your mates and head off for a holiday of a lifetime in a property befitting a world cup winner.

1. Thomas Müller’s French fancy

If we’re looking at castles and chateaux then the obvious choice is France; they’ll crop up more than once on this list.

French Chateau

Chateau Mont-Felix

Loire Valley Chateau, France.
Bedrooms: 7
Sleeps :13
From: £393 nightly

2. Tony Kroos’ ‘Real’ Madrid retreat

Don’t play for Real Madrid? You could still rent this beautiful property set on its own private island to the west of Madrid.

Try this Island castle in West Madrid

Large enough for a weekend away?

Island Castle, West Madrid, Spain.
Bedrooms: 6
Sleeps: 12
From: £119 nightly

3. Andre Schurrle’s country retreat

Unless you’re playing for Chelsea you might have a bit trouble finding the £11,000 for a week here. But we can dream…

Beauchamp Castle in the North of England

Even on a Chelsea player’s salary, it’s not cheap!

Beauchamp Castle, .
Bedrooms: 8
Sleeps: 16
From: £3,750 nightly

4. Mario Gotze’s German castle

If Mario isn’t content with sharing a retirement villa with team mate Thomas Müller, no problem: Bavaria is home to more than one fantastic castle.

Once a water castle, now a perfect retirement home for a footballer

Once a water tower; now a perfect retirement home for a footballer.

Bavarian Baroque former water tower, Germany.
Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: 4
From: £49 nightly

5. Mesut Ozil’s traditional manor

After a week in the hustle and bustle of London, you’d want a country retreat to an English manor too!

Carr Hall Castle

Snapping up one of England’s premier properties would be no trouble if you’re in the premiership.

Carr Hall, West Yorkshire.
Bedrooms: 5
Sleeps: 10
From: £995 nightly

6.Miroslav Klose’s French chateau

This 17th-century period property is just stunning; it includes a heated pool and tennis courts, perfect to keep in shape in the off-season.

Wonderful 17th century French castle

Wonderful 17th-century French chateau.

Authentic 17th-century castle, France.
Bedrooms: 3
Sleeps: 8
From: £208 nightly

7. Manuel Neuer’s small second home

If Neuer decided to pack up and leave Germany, this little Scottish hideaway would be a pretty good fit.

Scotland Castle rental

Stonehaven, just one of Scotland’s many period properties.

Apartment in Stonehaven Castle.
Bedrooms: 2
Sleeps: 4
From: £658 nightly

8. Philipp Lahm’s Austrian Castle

As Captain of both the Bayern Munich and the German National squads, you’d expect Philip to have a nice place to put up his feet. This should do the trick.

Austrian Castle

Wasserburg, set in the Austrian countryside.

Wasserburg, Austria.
Bedrooms: 10
Sleeps: 20
From: £1536 nightly

9. Jerome Boateng’s fairytale castle

To cap off a fairytale ending to the world cup campaign, Jerome could always retire to this fantasy castle.

Fairytale Castle in France

A fairytale castle in Challain, Loire Valley.

Chateau de Challain, Loire Valley, France.
Bedrooms: 11
Sleeps: 30
From: £2838 nightly

10. Christoph Kramer’s French odyssey

All that clean living as a footballer means you probably don’t get as much time for the finer things in life, like dinner in the courtyard of this beautiful French chateau.

I'm grabbing a table outdoors for a glass of wine or two!

I’m grabbing a table outdoors for a glass of wine or two!

Historical chateau in Mirepoix Ariege, Pyrenees.
Bedrooms: 9
Sleeps: 24
From £3016 nightly

11. Benedikt Höwedes’ perfect French chateau

Okay, just one more castle from France. Thanks to its long history, the French countryside abounds with stonkingly good castles, like this.

French castle, chateau

Cheateau Plombis: 19th-century luxury for a 21st-century man.

Chateau Plombis, France.
Bedrooms: 8
Sleeps: 19
From: £799 nightly

Team listing for German 2014 world cup squad taken from BBC Sport.



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