48 hours in Chicago

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Downtown Chicago

Only got a few hours to spend in Chicago? Make sure you spend your time wisely as this bustling city will keep you entertained from the start of your journey and have you wanting to come back from more. Chicago is known as the windy city but definitely a city to be enjoyed all year round as there is always something to do no matter which season you’re visiting in.

Spectacular city view from a dizzy height

For an excellent view of the city and Lake Michigan take an elevator ride all the way to the top of sears tower, the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, and step onto the viewing deck on the 103rd floor. The Hancock building is also a good viewing option with an open-air skywalk, even though it’s not quite as high as the sears tower, you’ll have the same spectacular views in a less touristy and less expensive manner. Try get up there on a clear day or night to get the best out of your trip up.

City views by boat

Another great way to get a good perspective of the city is by taking a boat cruise on Lake Michigan. These little tours run all the time and are very informative and fun especially on a beautiful summer’s day. Boating is a popular activity but beware this is the windy city so make sure you hold on tight to your hats and glasses.

Walking the streets of Chicago

Chicago is always buzzing with people, taxis, trains and buses; it’s very similar to the hubbub of New York yet it tends to have a more cultural and historical richness about it. Stop by the Chicago Water Tower (an historical building left unscaved by the great Chicago fire in 1871 and the second-oldest water tower in the USA), visit Millennium Park then take a shopping spree down the Magnificent Mile (Michigan Avenue), the shopping in the city is endless, by the end of the Magnificent mile you’ll be ready to put your tired feet up and have a sense of satisfaction as you look at the shopping bags beside you. Make sure you pop down to Navy Pier as well which is Chicago’s playground on the lake front. Take a ride on the 15 story Ferris Wheel or entertain the kids at the Chicago Children’s Museum.

Discover historical riches

Chicago has spectacular museums and galleries that cannot be missed on your trip to this wonderful city. For a very amusing experience for the whole family, visit the Museum of Science and Technology and The Field Museum of Natural History as well as The Alder Planetarium. For those who enjoy art and culture stop by The Art Institute of Chicago and The Museum of Contemporary Art. Make sure you visit the Shedd Aquarium for a fun and educational experience and watch one of the entertaining shows with the backdrop of the Lake Michigan.

Eating out at Chicago’s favourites

This has the largest array of restaurants of all the cuisines you can think of so whatever your heart desires you’ll no doubt find it here. You cannot leave the city without trying out the famous Chicago deep dish pizza from Unos where is it was originally invented in 1943. For something a little different visit Ed Debevics for Dinner and a show that will keep you entertained and rolling in laughter throughout your meal as the waiters dance on the tables and have a way of serving you in not the usual restaurant manner as menus will be thrown at you, eyes are rolled when you take your time ordering and your plate of food is generally dropped from a few centimetres from the table rather than being lightly placed down, very entertaining indeed.

The list just goes on for great places to eat, but we’ll brag about two more epic places to eat out and that’s Mexican at Topolobampo which is part of Fontera Grill and the Parthenon Restaurant in Greek Town, two really amazing places to go for a great atmosphere, excellent food and friendly people.

Whatever time of year you go, there is always something interesting happening in down-town Chicago from Jazz and Blues festivals to the exciting Taste of Chicago Festivals amongst many other music and art festivals. This is such an enjoyable city so make the most of your stay here and it will be begging you to come back for more.



Kate48 hours in Chicago

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