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8 celebrity holidays that don’t require fame or fortune

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celebrity holidays. St Tropez: playground of the playboys
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Celebs – what are they like? Always jetting off on holiday, flouncing around five-star resorts and hogging the Mail’s sidebar of shame. Being a celebrity sounds like great fun. Sure, the constant paparazzi hounding would probably tire after a while, but everything else sounds like great fun. If only there was a way to step into a celeb’s Jimmy Choos and live their lifestyle for a week or two…

Spoiler: there is. We’ve taken eight genuine celebrity holidays and compiled alternatives that are just as outrageous – minus the price tag. Just to ramp up the glamour, there’s still one day left to enter our £10,000 dream holiday competition. The winner will receive 10k to put towards the celeb-style holiday of their choice. Click to enter and then read on for inspiration.

Are you ready to join the jet set?

1. Make a splash like Kimye in Mexico

Punta Mita: not just for celebs

After getting hitched in Italy, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West headed straight to Punta Mita for a luxury beach holiday. They enjoyed the Mexican resort so much they returned for second helpings just weeks later, cos that that’s the sort of thing you can do when you’re exceptionally rich.

Punta Mita: not just for celebs

This Punta Mita condo can be yours for £107 a night and is beautifully appointed. With gorgeous beach views, king bed, 24-hour security and bathroom mirrors you could take selfies in all day, this is bona fide A-list accommodation.

The law of averages dictates that all of us will end up married up to a Kardashian at some point in our lives. When that day comes, we’d urge you to consider this Punta Mita villa, yours for £9,000 a night. For now though, we’d urge you to stick with our sensible yet glamorous first option.

Stay at this Punta Mita condo
  The island is the epitome of all things paradisal  

2. Jet off like Jen to Bora Bora

Bora Bora: so good they named it Bora Bora. Hang on, how does that one go again?

Why do there have to be so many celebrities called Jennifer? JLo, JLaw, J-ennifer Aniston. It’s all highly confusing. For the avoidance of doubt, we’re talking about the Friends starlet who, regardless of how many films she makes, will always be known as the Friends starlet.

Bora Bora: so good they named it Bora Bora. Hang on, how does that one go again?

Jen celebrated the two-year anniversary of her engagement to Justin Theroux by taking a romantic break in Bora Bora. The tropical Polynesian island is the epitome of all things paradisal. Villa Hau, with its rich decor, open living spaces and outdoor pool, perfectly encapsulates that spirit. It sleeps seven, and with prices around £1,300 a week, you can afford to visit whenever you need to escape the pressures of work or simply fancy playing at celebs for a week.

Recreate Jen’s trip at Villa Hau

3. Holiday like Madonna in the south of France

Cannes is a favourite haunt of Madonna and family

Remember Madonna? She’s the doting mother of Lourdes Ciccone, the 17-year-old who’s been tipped for great things in showbiz. Madge recently took the family for an sumptuous beach holiday in Cannes. The Riviera resort is known for attracting A-listers, though it’s also open to those of us who don’t spend our days treading the red carpet.

If you fancy a slice of Cannes, this three-bedroom apartment is priced within the reach of mere mortals. It’s oozing with space and fitted with a verandah overlooking the gorgeous old town. A reasonably priced Riviera retreat? Who’d have thought it.

Cannes Apartment fit for a material girl

  Hire a jet ski and spend your stay zipping through the water  

4. Be like Bieber in Ibiza

You don't have to like Bieber to be an Ibiza believer

Urging anyone to emulate Justin Bieber may not seem like the soundest advice. We can safely say however that copying JB’s holiday destination shouldn’t place you in any immediate danger. Like Bieber, you can hire a jet ski and spend your stay zipping through the water – without having to put up with a phalange of paps in hot pursuit.

This Ibizan villa, just five minutes from the town centre, boasts an inviting pool and outdoor cooking area. What’s more, you don’t have to be a platinum-selling artist to afford a week’s stay. While you’re in Ibiza Town, pop in to Cipriani, where Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloon were recently spotted dining.

Bieber style villa, Platja D En Bossa

5. Lifestyles of the rich and famous

Look out for Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden on your Mediterranean holiday

He was a punk rocker. She was a movie star. Now Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz are an item. The press may not have coined a conjoined nickname for them yet, but that doesn’t mean this power couple’s love ain’t real. The Good Charlotte frontman and timeless actress were recently spotted cosying up in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.

The French peninsula, a favourite haunt with aristocracy and international playboys, is prized for its climate and privacy. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is as exclusive as it gets.

The next time Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden go on holiday, they'll be in a different place, dating different people

There are villas out here that go for £25k a month. Relax: we’re not gonna force one of those badboys on you, exquisite as it may be. Instead, try this baby for size: at less than £800 per week, it’s a bargain, and a clean, cosy one to boot. Five minutes away lies the Plage Paloma, where the great and the good can be found topping up their year-round tans.

Discover the glamour of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat 

  What is it with celebs and jet skis?  

6. Misbehave in St Tropez like Cara and Selena

Live like Cara Delevingne and Selena Gomez

Celebs seem to love partying in posh parts of France. This’ll be the last one, honest, and then we’ll move on to pastures new. To celebrate Selena Gomez’s 22nd birthday, the pop princess and Cara Delevingne rode jet skis (what is it with celebs and jet skis?), went clubbing and hung out on a billionaire’s yacht. We can’t promise you an oil rich yacht-owner – you’ll have to find one of them yourself – but sensibly-priced accommodation is easier to come by.

Priced at just £636 a week, this St Tropez apartment glistens with new appliances and polished surfaces. Even if you can’t party on a million-pound yacht in the Golfe de Saint-Tropez, there’s nothing to stop you supping Prosecco on the sofa while snapping selfies against the glorious boating picture that dominates the back wall. Overlay a dark filter and your friends back at home won’t be able to tell the difference.

You don’t have to misbehave to stay in this apartment

7. Live like royalty in the Maldives

The Maldives: royally good

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge flew to the Maldives earlier this year, they were met by a pseudo-storm of protest, as the tabloids manufactured outrage at poor George being left home alone. Presumably he was being tended to by the best au pair that money can buy, but that didn’t stop the press from protesting noisily.

The Maldives

For your own Maldivian holiday, no one need get left behind; the villa we’ve chosen sleeps eight, and at around £1,000 a week is a sight less than Wills and Kate’s pad. Don’t think you’ll be cutting back on comforts either; the beachfront villa has a private pool, is fully staffed with chefs and butler service and is ripe for sailing, snorkelling and doing all the other things that come naturally when you’re staying on a beach this gorgeous. It’s tempting just to ditch Britain altogether and live out your days on this former enclave of the empire.

Swap the UK for this Maldives villa

  Close to the golf course, with a cool breeze blowing in from the 18th  

8. 99 problems but a beach ain’t one

Beyonce and Jay Z celebrated their wedding anniversary in the Dominican Republic

What’s troubling you: too many Instagram followers or too many playas tryna copy your style? Whatever’s bugging you, let those problems slip away with a beach holiday in the Dominican Republic. That’s where Beyonce and Jay Z went to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary and by all accounts they had a blast.

Beyonce and Jay Z celebrated their wedding anniversary in the Dominican Republic

This penthouse loft lies close to the Casa de Compo resort where the power couple stayed (how much fame and fortune does it take to become a power couple?) We’re gonna hazard a guess and say it’s not as spacious as Beyonce’s abode, but when you’re this close to the golf course, with a cool breeze blowing in from the 18th, it seems churlish to complain. High vaulted ceilings, an oversized master bedroom, two pools and a BBQ seal the deal.

Dominican Republic penthouse

Wanna live like a celeb? Then go live like one. Eight holiday ideas with all the style and all the glamour at a fraction of the price. We won’t tell if you don’t.

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