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9 holiday home bedrooms you have to see to believe

In Holiday Homes by Russell Sanchez

holiday home bedrooms

A holiday means different things to different people. Adventurous types are happy to spend their days exploring and to subsist with the bare bones of creature comforts, while glamorous types will insist on luxury quarters because they deserve the best. After all, nothing feels better than coming home to a plush condo and sinking into a king size bed. Thankfully, holiday rentals exist to suit every personality type. For each of you unique and precious snowflakes, the perfect home awaits; all you have to do is find it.

At the heart of any good holiday home is the bedroom, the place where the magic happens. You know; blissful sleep and lazy lie-ins. Here is our pick of the best bedrooms that money can rent, accompanied by the personality type they would suit best. You have to see these babies to believe them!

1. For the glamour lover

Private apartment in Cannes

Cannes, international playground of the rich, famous, and famously beautiful, is synonymous with style. This exquisite bedroom perfectly encapsulates its spirit, from the delicately sinuous Art Nouveau style, first popularised in the early 1900s, to the vines and other flora incorporated into the decor. The curling lines and rich wood palette of this fantasy bedroom mesh perfectly with the bold red and gold colour. This is the red carpet runway gown of bedrooms.

Check out this Cannes apartment

2. For the solace seeker

Casa Greta, Tuscany

Not everyone wants to be pummelled by bright colours and glinting surfaces; sometimes, you just want to escape somewhere quiet, open and airy – the architectural equivalent of a sigh – and take a well-earned nap. Enter the soothing bedrooms (all three of them) of Casa Greta, complete with creamy earth tones and an overriding aura of peace. The getaway of getaways. Once you’re rested, walk outside to soak up the lush panorama: the hills of Camaiore, undulating all the way to the sea. The property has its own infinity pool, so you don’t even have to trek to the ocean to savour a rejuvenating soak.

Explore Casa Greta, Tuscany
Casa Greta, Tuscany holiday home

3. For the beach bum

Haleakala Mountain View master bedroom

Does your ideal holiday demand a sweeping ocean view, a location just minutes from the shore and tastefully tropical flare? If so, you’re a bonafide beach bum – and you need to check out this plush master bedroom at Wailea Seashore Villas. Hardwood floors, simple but not sterile furnishings and cheerful colours. Lots of leafiness. And of course, the sort of scenery that only Hawaii – the world’s most remote, and possibly most beautiful island chain – can supply. Wailea Seashore suites come replete with a range of perks, lest your arm require any further twistin. Discount to nearby spas? Check. Housekeeping? Check. Isn’t life great?

Stay at Wailea Seashore Villas
The view from Wailea Beach Villa

4. For the refined urbanite

1A South Lodge Richmond

Urban holidays entail the same age-old dilemma: stay in the city centre, close to all the action, and never get a moment’s peace, or stay uptown and commute? For those who err on the side of quiet, South Lodge, 12 miles outside London, should strike the right chord. Its sumptuous bedroom features hardwood floors, a dainty chandelier, understatedly chic décor and an amazing wall ‘o books encircling the door – equal parts form and function. The bath’s claw foot tub and rain shower are pretty nice too.

Stay at South Lodge, Richmond

5. For the party monster

Glamourous Ibizan penthouse

Holidays are perhaps universally regarded as a chance to unwind and recharge, but what revives one vacationer can, frankly, bore another to death. So, for those about to rock, we salute you – and recommend to you this cheeky white and red number. Situated in one of Ibiza Town’s most elite enclaves, Marina Botafoch, it boasts marble floors, more light and space than you can shake a glowstick at and outrageous everything. The bedroom screams ‘Bartender, pour me another!’ And why not? When in Ibiza, do as the party animals do. Ibiza Grand Hotel and Casino, Talamanca Beach, the famed Pacha Club and endless shopping opportunities (shopportunities?) are all within walking distance.

Stay at this glamourous Ibizan penthouse

6. For the modern minimalist

The Barn, Luxembourg, bedroom

The primacy of the visual line, the unsparing removal from of every extraneous flourish, the uncompromising quality of the few non-architectural features that remain. Minimalism, at its best, elevates negative space to the role of aesthetic lead. And few rental properties do this as well as The Barn, Luxembourg. While this article is preoccupied with bedrooms, The Barn’s living room is included below to give a fuller picture of the property’s overall character. It’s an inhabitable artwork, and with a four-metre master bed, an exceedingly plush one.

Stay at The Barn, Luxembourg 
Luxembourg holiday home

7. For the eclectic eccentric

Rooftop bedroom with terrace

Are you the bohemian in your circle of friends, casually mixing vintage garments to create one-of-a-kind styles that no one else could dream up, much less pull off? If so, we’ve got just the rental for you: El Castillo penthouse in Amsterdam’s Old Centre. Fine materials with clean minimalist applications meet colourful textiles, topped by such tastefully whimsical touches as a hammock in the living room. The bedroom is simple, cheerful, and bright, with hardwood floors, giant windows and a few hippie-esque furnishings. Most importantly, it opens onto a large sunny patio that conveys all the beauty of Amsterdam.

Stay at El Castillo, Amsterdam
Relax in the hammock

8. For the neat freak

Sofia apartment Vienna

If your idea of heaven is a place you can stretch out in – and swing several cats to boot – prepare to meet your maker. Sofie Apartments, in central Vienna, offer bedrooms big, airy and so spotlessly bright as to make a neat freak salivate on sight – or at least sigh contentedly. Elegant, cream tone-on-tone décor softens the gorgeous open space, which includes a sitting area and ample storage; a personal outdoor patio adjoins the room. Located in the heart of Vienna, Sofie Apartments are within walking distance of the cultural delights that grace one of Europe’s most elegant cities.

Stay at Sofie Apartments, Vienna

9. For the connoisseur of the exotic

Villa Birdies

The music of many languages, the spicy scent of bazaars borne on the breeze: romantic Morocco, rich in history and one of the world’s oldest melting pots, is a natural holiday destination for lovers of the exotic. Villa Birdies is an ideal base for any connoisseur of the mysterious; of its five bedrooms, the above example stands out for its fireplace, enormous bed, Moroccan architectural accents, seating area, work station, abundant light and – exhale, inhale – space! The room is basically a holiday rental in its own right – one fit for a king.

Stay at Vlla Birdies, Marrakech
Villa Birdies pool


Russell Sanchez9 holiday home bedrooms you have to see to believe