Advert Writing Ideas to Consider

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Marketing Your Property and Writing your Advert

Today’s travellers are much more educated than their predecessors. The guarantee of sun and a sandy beach are no longer enough to guarantee a full year’s worth of bookings, and as a result, providing clear, concise information is a very important tool in the marketing of your property.

Selling a destination is increasingly about selling the culture, especially as we move away from ideals of “everything you could need, right on your doorstep” and towards more global ideas like “a great range of local markets, secluded beaches and traditional restaurants”, for example.


One of the best ways to gauge the interest of potential travellers, as well as gaining their trust is through previous guests comments. Guestbooks and guest reviews are one of the most valuable methods of closing a potential guest.

Although the thought of having reviews about your property can be daunting, they are actually a huge asset. Any perceived problem can be addressed by the owner quickly, and in doing so, you can actually further improve your properties appeal by appearing as a conscientious, caring and responsive owner.

Information is Key:

In a recent Mintel report, one in five holidaymakers said they didn’t want to cook or shop during their holiday. This has a huge impact on the self-catering market, but a little clearly displayed information on local restaurants, cafes and even more thought-provoking options like local cooking classes can settle potential guest’s reservations about self-catering holidays.



Tom ThornycroftAdvert Writing Ideas to Consider

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