Bermuda Breaks

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Can you think of anything more relaxing than leaving all the cares of everyday life at home and enjoying the ultimate beach holiday? Well, basking in the Bermuda sun is one way you can ensure you’ll have a relaxing holiday. The laid-back atmosphere of Bermuda is quite unlike anything you’ve experienced. You can’t help but unwind when you soak up the atmosphere and slow pace of life that the inhabitants of Bermuda enjoy.

Horseshoe Bay beach in Bermuda

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory, made up of a collection of small islands that are located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Bridges and a causeway join eight of the larger islands, creating the island paradise that is Bermuda. The islands are quite isolated from any other landmass, and have fascinating beaches of unique pink sand.

For such a small place there are a surprisingly large number of things to do and see. You can’t hire a car in Bermuda but you can hire scooters or use public transport to get around.

Beautiful Bermuda Beaches

One of Bermuda’s biggest attractions is the stunning beaches. Horseshoe Bay has got to top the list. Crystal clear water laps at the soft pink sand of this crescent shaped beach. Located in Southampton Parish, the beach is surrounded by sand dunes, palm trees and sandstone cliffs. You can’t miss visiting this beach when you’re staying in a Bermuda beach cottage.

Other popular beaches include:

  • Tobacco Bay at St. George’s, with its fascinating rock formations and shallow, warm water.

  • Church Bay in Southampton Parish, where a coral reef and colourful fish make it a popular snorkeling spot.

  • Elbow beach, which is the place to go if you enjoy kiteboarding, beach volleyball or scuba diving. There is a shipwreck within swimming distance of the beach.

  • Shelly Bay Beach, which is the number one spot to go if you have small children. The water is warm and shallow and there is a playground right next to the beach.

  • Warwick Long Bay on the South Shore, which leads to the picture-perfect Jobson’s Cove.

  • Snorkel Park Beach at Dockyards, which is where all the action takes place. You can jet ski, kayak, snorkel or just laze in the sun.

St. George’s

The historic town of St. George’s is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was the capital of Bermuda for more than 200 years. The fascinating history and African and British cultural influences can be seen in the cottages, attractive lanes and alleyways, and the military, civic and religious architecture. A great place to start exploring the town is at St. Peter’s Church and Historical Society Museum. From there you can explore places like the Bermuda National Trust Museum at the Globe Hotel, Tucker’s House Museum and the Bermuda Perfumery.


Hamilton is the capital and the only city in Bermuda. It’s located on Main Island and is the business hub of the island. You’ll find colourful buildings, churches, shops, museums, galleries, and parks in Hamilton. Don’t miss a visit to the City Hall & Arts Centre and Fort Hamilton while you’re here.

Royal Naval Dockyard

This is Bermuda’s largest fort and is home to eight historic buildings that give you a glimpse into Bermuda’s history. The Dockyard includes the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Nearby you’ll find the Bermuda Craft Market, Bermuda Clayworks, Dockyard Glassworks & Bermuda Rum Cake Company.

Other attractions in Bermuda include the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the Botanical Gardens, Gibbs Hill lighthouse, and the Crystal Caves.

The weather in Bermuda can be quite unpredictable. Summers sometimes bring hurricanes. The best time of year to visit is spring or autumn. British Airways offer a direct route from London Gatwick to the only airport, L. F. Wade International Airport (BDA).



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