Traveller’s Road to Decision

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Think Insights, Google’s resource hub for marketers, has classified travel decision-making process into five stages: dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing and sharing. The research, done with surveys among 5.000 US consumers between March and April 2011, gives insight about travellers behaviour and concludes that there is potential for innovation in the travel industry, particularly in the early stages of dreaming and …

Markus SteenTraveller’s Road to Decision

New at the Editor’s Desk

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My name is Markus Steen and I am the new editor for Holiday Homes Insider. This is my first month in this amazing company, where I’m the new editor of this blog and member of staff of the Marketing team. I studied Journalism in Spain and did a postgraduate in Digital Marketing here in the UK. I have experience in …

Markus SteenNew at the Editor’s Desk

Advert Writing Ideas to Consider

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There are a couple of proven ways to improve your advert or property website. Simple inclusions within your advert could make a huge difference to the number of bookings you get a year.

Tom ThornycroftAdvert Writing Ideas to Consider