Travel toys: Essential gadgets for savvy travellers

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In relative terms, it wasn’t too long ago that those venturing from A to B set out armed only with the following: a horse, a vaguely chalked-up map, and the thoughts in their head. Then came the advent of motorised vehicles, with widespread aviation following not too far behind. To think that this evolution occurred over a mere matter of …

RonnieTravel toys: Essential gadgets for savvy travellers

Which? Travel members vote a top five holiday rental company

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In Which? Travel Magazine’s most recent survey, which asked members to vote for their favourite holiday rental company, came out on top. Grabbing an elusive top five spot based on a number of deciding factors, we’re absolutely delighted to make an ascending appearance in the Which? Cottages and Villas survey. Approximately 2,377 people were asked to rate both agents … Travel members vote a top five holiday rental company

Gotta-have travel gadgets for 2013

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Whether you are travelling for business or for pleasure. Whether you are travelling by car or by plane or by train, here are a few travel gadgets that you may find useful. Laptops and tablets First on my list is the HP Envy X2. This hybrid tablet/notebook is the perfect compromise if you need to travel with both. It looks …

KerrynGotta-have travel gadgets for 2013

Secrets to packing like a pro

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Packing is not as easy as it looks. Have you ever found that when you go on holiday somewhere, you don’t end up wearing half the clothes you pack? The number one mistake travellers make is taking too much stuff. There is a well-known travel quote by Susan Heller which says “When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes …

KerrynSecrets to packing like a pro

Budget travel: 8 tips to save you money

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Let’s be honest, nobody likes to spend more money than they have to, especially in the current economy. With hidden costs, excessive fees and useless insurance taking a big bite out of your spending money, going on holiday can work out very expensive if you’re not careful. Often poor planning means you end up spending far more than you had …

KerrynBudget travel: 8 tips to save you money