Cheap student holidays with HomeAway

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Cheap student holidays

With the summer holidays fast approaching, many University students are looking for memorable breaks abroad that suit their budget. Whether it’s to mark the end of another year at University, planning a weekend getaway with friends, or celebrating graduation – many students are renting a holiday home as an alternative to hotels and resorts. With cheaper nightly-rates and a range of other advantages, it’s as good as applying your student discount towards a summer holiday!

Why choose holiday rentals over resorts and hotels?

Choosing a holiday home comes with many benefits to look forward to – making it a great student holiday package:

Larger savings – whether you’re travelling solo or with friends

Private holiday rentals are one of the most popular, cost effective solutions for student holidays. They offer incomparable value for money, and can help save up to 50% compared to the average hotel – giving you the freedom to spend the rest of your holiday-budget elsewhere.

It’s no surprise that more people are turning towards holiday rentals over hotels, every year. Students who are going on holiday together have an even bigger advantage – the more friends you bring along, the lower the shared cost per-person!

Greater variety and choice

Holiday-homes come with their own special ambiance and personality. As HomeAway have over 700,000 of them in 168 countries, rentals can be found easily in all corners of the globe, from ski destinations to world capitals, spring break beaches to secluded shores. They also come in various shapes and sizes – including holiday villas, condo rentals, cozy cabins, sprawling chalets, and city apartments.

You’re bound to find the perfect property to match your needs, and with such a wide range of properties available, it’s almost as if you can set your own wish list. Even if you want your own private pool, everyday comforts like satellite TV and Internet access, or outdoor dining so you can enjoy social evenings around the barbeque – the choice is yours.

You wouldn’t want to have to choose from cookie-cutter room types that hotels have to offer – instead, enhance the holiday experience by personalising your bonding time with your friends and family.

Walking on beachMore space and privacy

With holiday rentals, you’re provided with much more room to stretch out freely. The average holiday rental is 1850 square ft., opposed to the average hotel room measuring up to 325 square ft.

Whether you’re taking a trip abroad to relax with friends in a popular holiday hotspot, or taking a romantic break in a cosy retreat – you can stay in a space of your very own and be free of disturbances and interruptions. When you stay in a private holiday rental, you won’t have to worry about being disturbed, and you can enjoy your holiday in total privacy. In fact, rentals are the alternative choice for people wanting to avoid the crowds in popular holiday destinations, and congested resorts and hotels.

Thin hotel walls let sound and unwanted noise from the room next-door and the hallway travel easily into your room. In your rental, they’ll be no need to worry about unwanted noise from neighbours, families and children, late night arrivals, elevators, echoing footsteps down the hall, and creaking doors being open and shut.

No hidden costs

You’ll be in contact with the owner prior to your arrival – so before check-in you’ll know what’s arranged for you, the amenities your holiday rental will provide, and exactly what you’re paying for. With hotels, you may unknowingly be faced with general fee’s such as parking space usage, energy surcharges, baggage holding fee, charges for internet access, or even using the room towel for the pool. Plus – with holiday rentals, there aren’t any hotel staff to tip for carrying your bags or for room service! Also be sure to find a good forex conversion rate in the local town or city, rather than the airport.

Create your own dining options

Holiday homes often come with fully equipped kitchens and private dining space. This allows you to cook your own meals as an alternative to eating out at the local restaurants or having takeaways. This also lets you plan meals around your own agenda, instead of following scheduled dining hours, or having to eat out of a vending machine or overpriced mini-bar when you’re looking for a quick snack.

Flexible dining options are one of the many benefits of a holiday rental. You can cater to your own tastes by creating your own meals, cooked with the freshest ingredients from the local markets, and have the option of close local restaurants when you don’t feel like cooking.

Relax without restrictions and schedules

You’re encouraged to enjoy your holiday in your own way, so you can come and go as you desire, without the restraints of schedules and curfews. Unlike a package deal offered by a resort or hotel, there aren’t any restrictive check-in times, dining options, or tour schedules. This is perfect for people who like to take restful breaks during the day, or those who want some downtime after exploring.

As a thrifty traveller looking for a great student holiday deal, you’d find it hard to pass up the savings vacation rentals typically offer. You’ll enjoy the extra space, being able to wake up and have coffee and breakfast while still in your pajamas, and have various cost-saving possibilities and conveniences. You’ll love the local feel vacation rentals provide, and the chance to stay in neighbourhoods often not served by both major and smaller hotels.

After taking the low prices and extra benefits of rentals vs. hotels in to consideration, you’ll find the savings are worth having to make your own bed and keeping your rooms clean – as you won’t be expecting room service or a maid as part of your rental.

Popular student holiday destinations

All that’s left to do is decide where you want to go! We’ve narrowed down our extensive list of rentals throughout the globe into our Top 15 most popular student holiday locations:

    • Ibiza, Spain
    • New York City, USA
    • Athens, Greece
    • Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
    • Dalmatian Coast, Croatia
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Florence, Italy
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Cancun, Mexico
    • Panama City Beach, USA
    • Istanbul & Marmara, Turkey
    • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
    • Las Vegas, USA
    • Jamaica, Caribbean
    • Nassau & Paradise Island, Bahamas


This post was written by Umar Khan – a travel blogger for HomeAway UK.


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