Escape to almighty Egypt

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Ever thought of travelling to Egypt? If not, then you may need to ask yourself, why not? This spectacular place is so rich in history with so many things to see and do. Don’t let its past political feuds put you off, as this majestic place should not be missed in this lifetime. Don’t think of Egypt only as a place of tombs and monuments and specifically a cultural experience, rather have the mind set that it has everything from religion, culture and history to adventures, relaxation and even modernization. Weather you here for only a quick stop over or couple of days and you not too sure where to go, why not start here as we recommend you try visiting some of the following.

Valley of the Kings in Luxor

Captivating Cairo

A huge, busy and over populated city that has a bustle and energy like no other, you will have a great cultural experience in this ancient city from museums, art galleries and street markets to the more modern side of the city that offers up great opportunities for shopping to restaurants, pubs and night clubs, this city never sleeps. Visit Medieval Cairo also known as Islamic Cairo where mosques are situated on every corner and street markets are always buzzing selling everything you can think of.

Cruising the Nile

Get away from the hustle and bustle streets of Cairo and hop abroad a luxury cruise liner or jump on one of many Felucca’s (wooden dhows) to sail the Nile and experience some of Egypt’s most important archaeological sites. This is very popular for tourist’s whether you have a few hours to kill or a couple of days, there are many options that can suit your itinerary.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Obviously when visiting this magnificent place you cannot miss one of the Seven Wonders of the World and that being the Great Pyramid of Giza. There are three main pyramids in Giza, which lie behind the Sphinx, an enormous sculpture carved out of single block of stone, The Great Pyramid of Khufu, The Pyramid of Kafhre and the smaller Pyramid of Menkaura, each being a tomb to a different King of Egypt.

Exploring Abu Simbel

After Giza, Abu Simbel is probably the most recognized monument of Ancient Egypt; the two massive rock temples are situated on the Western Banks of Lake Nasser. Besides the impressive architectural construction of this temple there are other impressive things to do here such as experiencing the daily sounds and light show as well as the Abu Simbel Festival, which is held twice a year in February and October, the food, music and dance will be an unforgettable Egyptian experience.

Luxor Temple complex by night

Luxor Temple, another fantastic temple situated in the centre of Luxor City, for spectacular photo opportunities visit at sun set through to dusk as the lighting on this magnificent temple is just out of this world. Whilst in Luxor why not visit the Mummification Museum or the Luxor Museum, which is a great place to start your visit to Luxor, as it will give you an insight to all the other great attractions you may visit during your time here.

Alexandria, the pearl of the Mediterranean

Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt is rich in ambiance and cultural heritage, but is differentiated by its more Mediterranean atmosphere as opposed to the rest of Egypt, which is more Middle Eastern. Here you have a variety of opportunities to see more temples, museums, Roman Amphitheatres and mosques or you can relax on the beach, try out some waters sports or visit one of many street markets. The city is dotted with excellent restaurant and market places but make sure you check the events calendar as Alexandria has many cultural and religious festivals.

Camel riding safaris

No trip to Egypt is complete until you have experienced a camel back riding adventure. Set out on a safari along the tranquil dessert and watch as the sun sinks behind the golden and red dunes. This is an unforgettable experience that is jam packed with fun for whole family to enjoy, guaranteed you’ll be giggling all the way there and back.

Diving in the Red Sea

What a spectacular and special part of Egypt to experience, the beautiful underwater world is enriched with a spectacular marine life of sea creatures and intriguing corals and reefs. Some fantastic diving and snorkelling areas include Sharm El Sheikh; which is very popular for returning annual divers, which is along the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

Other very popular dives spots include Careless Reef in Hurghada, it’s a shallow plateau and an unprotected reef rich with brilliant corals, giant moray eels and white tip reef sharks. Marsa Alam, also an internationally renowned diving spot that offers up many different deep-water reefs with soft corals and larger marine life such as schools of dolphins, barracuda and sharks.

Sand boarding Egyptian dunes

Where is your sense of fun and adventure? If you are up for the challenge and willing to give it a go, then jump in a 4×4 and trek along the golden desert of Western Egypt for the best sand boarding experience in the world. On your safari to this magnificent part of the world, you will get to experience over 262,000 square miles of the Western Desert occupied with mountainous plateaus, canyons, oases and of coarse fantastic and enormous dunes for you to spend the day on.



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