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Namibia is a spectacular African destination that has become very popular to tourists venturing from all over the world. The well-know Namib Desert, apart of the coastal desert, is one of the richest sources of diamonds in the world and spreads across the entire coastline with its rugged terrain and magnificent dunes that are said to be the highest in the world, created by the strong onshore winds. For those travellers with a sense of adventure seeking an outdoor experience with the most incredible scenery, look no further as Namibia will surely give you all that and more.

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Fish River Canyon

A popular destination located in the South of Namibia, being the largest canyon in Africa and the second largest in the world offers visitors a spectacular experience. The canyon is 160 kilometers in length and 27 kilometers wide and reaching a depth of about 550 meters deep in some places. Hiking, camping and enjoying the hot springs are all possible in the Fish River Canyon National Park. Make sure you do your research for the best time of year to visit as summer reaches scorching temperatures and the rainy season brings flash floods.

The Skeleton Coast

The name Skeleton Coast comes from the findings of many scattered bones that lined the beach from whale operations and seal hunts. The Bushmen called this place ‘The land God made in Anger’ and the Portuguese knew it as ‘The gates of hell’, whilst some call this magnificent place ‘The land God made for himself’.

The Skeleton Coast is strewn with thousands of skeletal shipwrecks that ran aground the rocks due to heavy fog. This is certainly one placed that should not be missed, make sure you take your camera as this is a photographers playground of note.

Besides the ghostly and eeriness of this mysterious place, the Skeleton Coast National Park has a remarkable amount of wildlife that thrives on the desert climate such as elephant, black rhino, giraffe, lions and other smaller species such as ostrich, blesbok and springbok.


Said to consist of the highest dunes in the world, Sossusvlei is a little gem on its own with loads of fun to be had from 4×4 to sand boarding. The best times to visit these dunes are at sunrise or sunset as the heat may become unbearable during midday and these times you will have the most incredible view of contrasting colors and shapes of the dunes which make it a spectacular photographic opportunity.

For those who are move chilled back and relaxed, take a hot air balloon ride or scenic flight to experience the birds-eye view of this impressive destination. Camping and lodges are available near by making it easy to reach these areas with easy access.


The capital of Namibia, home to Namibia’s brewing industry is the epicenter of shopping, nightlife and restaurants. A popular visit in Windhoek is the hot springs situated near the city center. There are various tours that can be taken in and around Windhoek and here you can find tour operators running tours and safaris throughout Namibia. The city is made up of its German-style buildings that make up the history of this country.

The Kalahari Desert

Another must see is the Kalahari Desert, the traditional homeland to the San Bushmen and covering parts of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. The Kalahari is receives too much rain to be called a true dessert making it habitable for large mammals, reptiles, birds and plant life. The array of red and yellow sand makes this picturesque place an unforgettable experience. A scenic flight or safari is the best way to see this beautiful part of the country with lots of 4×4 opportunity.

From the coast of Namibia through the dunes and desserts to safaris and wildlife, from land, sand, sky and water, this stunning destination offers it all. Namibia offers a variety of accommodation from camping to luxurious lodges to suit your every need. You will walk away will an unforgettable experience of memories and photographs making it hard to compare against other similar destinations.



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