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 Get ready for a weekend of chocolatey fun as Easter approaches!

Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies Photo: Lin Pernille Photography LLC

This time of year (and for months before!), most of us can’t escape the Easter bunny. The hot-cross-bun-clad celebration grows year on year, with just about everything spring-related infiltrating our shop shelves: cutesy animals, cutesier clothes and tons – and tons – of chocolate. At Easter, some go on egg hunts; some on daffodil-draped walks. Most of us stuff our faces with mini eggs, simnel cake and creme egg-flavoured shots (just me then?). What’s your favourite Easter memory? We’ve asked a HomeAway panel to share their own Easter egg-speriences (sorry – I can’t help myself!).

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Holly Homer, from Kids Activities Blog (formerly Quirky Momma)

“Every year we color Easter eggs. Dozens and dozens of eggs. A golden egg is chosen and an elaborate point system is devised for the great egg hunt. Our three boys scurry around frantically finding eggs under bushes, sitting on rock ledges and precariously in tree limbs. In the end a winner is chosen and then we repeat the whole thing another ten times.”

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claire profileClaire, founder of Days out with Kids

“At Easter time our house is always full of cards, chicks, bunting and all sorts of Eastery craft bits and bobs! The day starts with me waking extra early to munch through an Easter egg….that’s if the children haven’t already beaten me to it! We always have an Easter Egg hunt around the house (in pyjamas), they have little baskets and whizz round looking under cushions and in cupboards. After that we go for a walk on the beach to work off all the chocolate……..then have lunch!”

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Laura MossLaura Moss, Education and Activities Officer, Gorgie City Farm

“Having worked in various popular visitor attractions around Scotland for the last few years I usually spend my Easter weekends working; feeding seals and seahorses or demonstrating the physics of aircraft wings!

Last year I took some time off and went on holiday to Romania, I’d barely been there 24 hours when I got roped in to an Easter candlelit procession … outside in the rain!

This year I’ll hopefully be staying dry and running the ‘Easter Antics’ event at Gorgie City Farm; no fish to feed but plenty of cute baby animals to cuddle! It’s a difficult job, but someone’s got to do it!”

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Fiona MacleanFiona Maclean, award-winning consultant and writer

“My favourite Easter memories are of Easter Sunday. I’m not particularly religious but on Easter Sunday the children (me included) all went to Sunday School, then church, knowing that when we got home there would be a splendid Easter Sunday lunch (usually roast leg of lamb) dessert and then easter eggs. My mother was really strict about not allowing us to have the eggs until Sunday – though a lot of my friends got in early and started eating theirs on Saturday or even Friday.

We’d often have an extended family lunch too – aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents. I grew up in Hunstanton, a small town on the North Norfolk Coast so our house was a popular destination for relatives during the school holidays. After lunch and chocolate, we’d go for a long walk along the beach to work off all the food. And then home for more chocolate and toasted hot-cross buns.”

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PennyPenny, author of award-winning budget blog Penny Golightly

“The United Kingdom is packed with eccentric people and unusual traditions, and Easter is my favourite time for celebrating and enjoying both. You can keep your chain restaurants and theme parks! I love to start off with a silly homemade Easter egg hunt, before moving on to enjoy some of our more unusual events.

For example, there’s the annual Egg Rolling race in Preston for lots of laughs. You can also find Maypole festivals dotted around the UK countryside, for traditions that date back to our pagan roots. There’s something about the start of the Spring that brings unusual Britain out of the woodwork and into the sunshine.”

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