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Do you want to step foot on all seven continents, or unearth remnants of ancient civilisations? Perhaps you dream of soft white sands, or have visions of hiking the earth’s most beautiful mountain ranges. Here at HomeAway, we know that travel is personal: what makes it a fascinating part of our lives is that we all want to discover different destinations, and we all want to share those experiences in our own, unique way.

That’s why we’d like to introduce HomeAway’s Places to See Before You Die: your guide to the world’s once in a lifetime destinations. Here, you’ll discover the best places on earth, and receive personalised travel recommendations; you’ll give us some details about yourself, including your date of birth and interests, and we’ll offer you tailored holiday spots based upon who you are. Whether you’re an eco-warrior or a romantic at heart, a sprightly student or a seasoned sightseer, we can calculate where you should visit, when and why, as well as giving you special insights into the destinations we think you’ll love.

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All of our suggestions will be summarised in a personalised travel passport complete with mugshot (don’t worry – you can smile in this one!), so you can start planning the adventures of tomorrow today. You can then share your experience with others, via Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, and see how your recommendations measure up next to those of your friends and family.

If there’s somewhere you think should have been on your list—a city no self-respecting shopaholic should miss, for example—why not join our All About Travel community? In an area dedicated to Places to See Before You Die, you can share your own tantalising travel goals, encouraging others to see your own once in a lifetime holiday spot suggestions. You never know: we may add your dream destination to our ever-growing list, so it can feature in revised versions of Places to See Before You Die in the future.

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And with our competition offering some incredible prizes, you’ll want to stay in the loop. We’re offering the opportunity to win £1000 towards HomeAway holiday rentals, so you can realise your holiday dreams sooner rather than later. Of course, with £500 towards holiday rentals, five Go Pro Cameras worth £200 each, and flight and aviator experiences up for grabs to boot, there’s plenty on offer to make the next time you travel perfect.

Start planning your once in a lifetime trip with Places to See Before You Die today.

Your journey starts here.



HomeAway.co.ukHomeAway.co.uk’s Places to see before you die

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