Cornwall: Keep calm and carry on

April 7, 2014 at 5:23 AM

Spring has most definitely sprung, and a county that is very close to my heart is truly blooming: iconic Cornwall. Stunning at any time of the year, each season gives a different but nonetheless wondrous perspective on this spectacular county. Spring comes like a breath of fresh air, giving a new lease of life to everything. Cornwall, like Devon and Somerset, weathered spectacular storms at the beginning of the year – but with true community spirit, hard work and an inspired enthusiasm, Cornwall is open, ready and excited to welcome visitors this Easter.

St Ives: Christmas at the coast

December 17, 2013 at 8:00 AM
Pedn Olva hotel  Photo: Cool Places

Pedn Olva hotel Photo: Cool Places

St Ives, Cornwall; there’s nowhere in the UK quite like it. Year on year, visitors are compelled to return to their favourite beaches and natural landmarks, or discover for the first time a whole host of outdoor activities. Is it the scenery; the wildlife? Or is it the opportunities for family-friendly fun?

Whatever it is that attracts tourists to St Ives and its surrounding area, there’s little wonder with so much to see and do. First-off, the beaches; and they’re as suited to sunbathing and swimming (well, if you’re here in the summer) as they are to extreme sports. Few activities allow you to appreciate Cornwall’s wide, open sands as power kiting—a rather windy and wild affair on the shore—and if you’ve ever fancied coasteering, Cornwall’s cliffs and clear waters make for perfect conditions. With Vertical Descents, even beginners can get to grips with wetsuits, waves and wild days out: just check their site for details.

Fun in Cornwall: a fabulous 40th

February 14, 2013 at 10:19 AM

Watergate Bay (Photo: kayugee).

Cornwall is a perfect destination for families, couples and friends, I personally have experienced all of these variations equally enjoying all! My recent jaunt took me and a lovely friend to Watergate Bay.

Day 1 – We arrived in good time and quickly found our walking boots hats and scarves – in need of fresh air we headed onto the beach; the wind was bracing, the surf spectacular and the cliffs around almost craterous in appearance. The beach was almost exclusively ours and our cameras were quickly produced to capture some first memories of our 40th year.  Large rocks with mussels covering them and the sea water making intriguing patterns over the sand were all caught on camera.

After an hour walking lunch was well and truly due so we headed to the Beach Hut – Giant chilli prawns and mules mariner were ordered and certainly did not disappoint!

Celebrate New Year in comfort and style

December 10, 2012 at 1:48 AM

This week I have three family properties to share with you, available for New Year all three are located in Cornwall and are delightful homes: perfect for relaxing and enjoying your New Year celebrations.

Stunning contemporary home

Holiday home in Cornwall

Beautiful Christmas getaways for 2012

November 28, 2012 at 7:52 AM

Christmas tree

Christmas is so very nearly here. The nights are long and there is most definitely a wintery chill in the air. With Christmas shopping well under way, everywhere seems much busier than normal. The children have carol services, fayres and Christmas plays to take part in, mulled wine scenting the air with its spicy warmth and Christmas trees decorated and twinkling are sprouting up in shops, pubs and restaurants. I love Christmas and I’m usually more excited than my own children, I adore the old folklore stories, present buying, cake making, card writing, carol singing and just about everything that goes with Christmas. Whilst I have a lovely time planning and organising I do always end up exhausted and the idea of packing up the family and taking Christmas away somewhere different started to appeal to me a couple of years ago. So now top of my to-do list is researching to find a fabulously cosy property in a beautiful location where we can all escape and really enjoy our Christmas. I have found three delightful properties in the most idyllic locations and am very excited to share these with you.