Fabulous Florence

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There are some cities in the world that have a feeling of timeless beauty about them, where the old blends seamlessly and stylishly with the new, and Florence is one of those. As the cradle of the Renaissance the city has a legendary artistic and cultural heritage, with world-famous paintings, monuments, museums and buildings. Florentine artists and sculptors like Michelangelo, …

KerrynFabulous Florence

10 lakeside holiday rentals

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Wherever there are mountains you will also find lakes… and holiday rentals! Lake holidays in a self catering accommodation give you the opportunity to enjoy the stunning landscape of the countryside but also relax while taking advantage of the wide range of facilities that you can’t find in over-priced hotels. Have a look at this selection of lakeside holiday rentals …

Markus Steen10 lakeside holiday rentals

Sightseeing in Sicily

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Just 5km from mainland Italy, across the Straits of Messina, lies the rugged and striking island of Sicily. It’s surrounded by the smaller Aegadian Islands, Aeolian Islands, Pantelleria and Lampedusa, and has an abundance of great architecture, archaeological ruins, art, breathtaking scenery and fabulous food. The rich history has made the island a melting pot of cultures influenced by every …

KerrynSightseeing in Sicily

Guide for the self catering gourmet in Italy

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Italian restaurants are a treat and one of the great joys of travelling in Italy, but sometimes it feels good to stay at home in the holiday flat and not to have to worry about drinking and driving or tired, noisy children. Especially, as a gourmet Italian meal can be served with minimum effort. All it takes is a trip …

Guest AuthorGuide for the self catering gourmet in Italy

European Countries and their Cuisine

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When visiting a foreign country a way of understanding the culture, traditions and values of the inhabitants is by the food that they create and consume. Food is an important part of society and there are some great dishes throughout Europe that you simply must try. Greece: Mediterranean flavours Photo by Foodie Buddah (Flickr) The land of the Gods and …

Guest AuthorEuropean Countries and their Cuisine