The 10 must-read travel bloggers for 2012

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The number of travel blogs published grows quickly and deciding which are the most interesting to read can be hard. Blogs written by actual travellers are always the most vibrant since they’re published by people who have experienced the locations in person: Exploring the culture, cuisine, accommodation and attractions and telling us about them while the impressions are still fresh.

During the past few weeks, we’ve looked through a huge number of travel blogs to find the ones we will be reading during 2012. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of the good travel blogs out there, and many difficult choices had to be made while paring down this list. Apologies to all the deserving bloggers who we’ve missed off, and well done to those on the list for impressing us enough to make our Top 10.

In no particular order then; these are the ten travel blogs you should pay close attention to in 2012:

25 Travels

24 year old Jerick from the Philippines has set himself the challenge of visiting a total of 25 different countries by the dawn of his 25th birthday. By September 2011, this “man on a mission” had already managed to visit a total of 21 and so there is little doubt that he will be able to reach his target.

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is a “solo female travel blog” ran by a woman of the same name who wishes to encourage the fairer sex to travel around the world own their own, proclaiming that solo travel is not as dangerous for females as many may think. In 2012, Kate is planning to visit Paris, the Shetland Islands, India, Italy and more to boot!

My Beautiful Adventures

Andrea – or Andi, as she prefers – is a Chinese medicine doctor with a impressive penchant for travel and has so far visited a total of 50 different countries. Reluctant to call anywhere home but the entire world, Andi’s blog – as the name suggests – documents her adventures around the globe and comprises some fantastic photography of the things that she sees.

Stop Having a Boring Life

Fed up with constantly letting life’s opportunities to travel pass him by, Rob has been travelling around the globe since September 2009 and documenting his experiences on his refreshing, content-unique blog. Rob is currently living on Little Corn Island in Nicaragua and he has visited Jamaica, China, Malaysia, Greece, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and so many more destinations thus far.

Never Ending Footsteps

Lauren decided to explore the planet on her lonesome once she had passed her university Physics degree and she is now documenting her travels via her Never Ending Footsteps blog. The onsite TravBuddy map indicates that Lauren has so far visited 12% of the world’s countries since she started her adventure back in December 2010.

Europe a La Carte

Founding Editor of Europe a La Carte Karen Bryan caught the travel bug when she was just 19, spending seven weeks exploring Greece and its islands. Since, she has travelled around the rest of Europe and has been blogging all the way since 2002. Karen’s husband and their team of three ladies cover everything related to European travel, from the best events to attend, museums to visit, city guides and money saving tips.

Go See Write

Michael is a law attorney who travelled to 6 continents and 44 countries in just 16 months between 2008 and 2009 without the use of a single airplane, instead preferring the use of “odd transportation” to get around. He is travelling once more and is currently documenting his experiences from Columbia.

Over Yonderlust

American punk-rock couple Erica and Shaun never once travelled before the advent of their marriage in 2004 and their subsequent honeymoon in Barbados. Since then, the pair has further indulged their desire to see the world and have so far visited Japan, the United Kingdom and Spain together. Awwww!

A Dangerous Business

Amanda from Ohio (US) has always had an “unquenchable lust for travel” and she is travelling around the world on her own terms, ignoring the endless itineraries and travel guides which can be found all over the WWW. A Dangerous Business is particularly useful for anyone who is planning to visit New Zealand for this is one of Amanda’s favoured destinations.

Have a Lovely Time

Have a Lovely Time is penned by parents for parents and this means that the site has a particular focus on travel tips and advice for families travelling to destinations located in the UK and abroad. Competitions offering great prizes are a regular feature on this informative website.



Markus SteenThe 10 must-read travel bloggers for 2012


  1. Roxanne

    I love these recommendations — Andi, in particular, is one of my favorite bloggers! Thank you for this list.

  2. Adventurous Kate

    This is a great list of bloggers. Thanks very much for the inclusion!

  3. Jack Norell

    You’re welcome, the place is well deserved. We actually had to leave out many deserving travel bloggers, or the list would have been Top 100 bloggers to follow!

  4. Rob

    Thanks for thinking of us. Appreciate being on this list with so many other interesting blogs.

  5. Erica

    EEEeeee! Thank you so much for placing us with this epic crew of bloggers. We’re super excited about 2012 also and are planning on rocking it!

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  7. Elena

    nice to see some of my favorite travel writers listed above!

    So how does one make it to the list? ; )


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