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The 10 must-read travel bloggers for 2013

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Each year brings a new flurry of travel blogs to the fore. Whilst some are established bloggers who have now found their feet, others are just starting out on their journey. So each year it gets a little more difficult to decide which you should follow. Travel tips and ideas often come best when they are from actual travellers. Their blogs are vibrant, interesting and often very colourful. They show the reality of travel, both the good and the bad. Travel bloggers share each destination with us and we can get a glimpse of the culture, attractions and cuisine of somewhere exotic and new all from the comfort of our living room.

Last year we scoured the internet to bring you our top pick of the blogs to follow and we have looked back again at the best travel blogs out there today. It’s an ever growing list and though we have just picked 10 blogs, these are by no means the only good ones out there. Apologies to those who didn’t make this year’s list and well done to those who made our top ten.

Without further ado, these are the 10 travel blogs you should pay close attention to in 2013:

Quiet Wanderings
Cherina Hadley has been on and off the road since her first trip to Europe back in 1998. Since then she has toured the world and documented it all through brilliant photography which she shares on her blog. Her blog looks at independent travel and adventure off the beaten path. A look through the photo essays is sure to give you inspiration for your next trip.

Travels of Adam
Adam left his job as a graphic designer to take a round the world trip. The result was a move from the US to Berlin and the start of his blog where he shares tips for the hipster traveller and lifestyle. His blog gives some really good ideas for alternative and indie travel experiences. Check out the hipster city guides as well as some great tips on food and drink.

The Family Adventure Project
Family Adventure Project follows husband and wife Stuart and Kirsty as they take their three children through as many travel adventures as they can pack in whilst having quality time together as a family. They have clocked up an impressive number of countries visited and have taken the family on eco-holidays, backpacking and through various adventure activities. Their blog is a dose of family time against the 24hr TV culture.

Isabelles Travel Guide
Isabelle’s biggest passion in life is to travel. Through her blog she wants to share her experiences and help others get the info they need to travel like her. She has tried to put together all the information you will need to know before going on your next trip like her “5 things to do in” guides. Check out the beach guides and pictures to brighten up any rainy day.

Velvet Escapes
After a successful career Keith left his job back in 2008 and embarked on a round the world trip. Since then he has tried to travel in “Velvet”, that is to say soft and plush. Keith manages to give a lot of information about each destination without making it too dry, not an easy task. Each well written post gives a good personal perspective on that destination and really makes you want to go!

Travel Savvy Mom
Travel Savvy Mom was born back in 2003 when Jamie Pearson was travelling through Belgium with her 3 year old daughter. After a daunting experience she decided that travelling with children can be difficult and families need a bit of help now and then. Her site Travel Savvy Mom was born with practical ideas and tips on how to travel with the family.

Matt sees himself not as a backpacker or traveller but as a normal person or “Landloper” who is always learning to get the most from his travel experiences. His blog is full of adventure and wonder at the things he has seen and he manages to convey that sense of wonder very well. There are excellent tips about all aspects of travel from planning to how to get there.

Global Grasshopper
UK based travel bloggers Becky and Gary are the couple behind Global Grasshopper. Their aim is to inspire other people to take to the road and do as much travelling as they can. The Global Grasshopper blog is a great resource for independent travellers where you can find some really interesting alternative and beautiful destinations.

Expert Vagabond
At the Expert Vagabond Matthew takes us through some pretty adventurous travel experiences. He often gets way of the beaten path and constantly pushes to get out of his comfort zone. The result is a thoughtful blog about the lesser seen corners of many countries. Matthew also shows us how to travel on a limited budget, proving time and again travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Easy Hiker
Whilst it is always nice to read about a beautiful places sometimes it is good to follow a travel blog with a purpose. Showing we don’t have to come to things early in life Michael and Marlys took up hiking in their 40s and have been exploring the best walks of Europe ever since. You can find lots of tips about where to go, what to take and how to do easy hiking along with some great descriptions of the different walks.


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