The 10 must-read travel bloggers for 2014

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Travel (Photo: Moyan Brenn)

Time to travel in 2014 (Photo: Moyan Brenn)

As travel blogs have exploded across the web detailing holidays and travel to just about every corner of the earth they have grown into an excellent resource for any traveller. Today’s travel blogs are well written and extremely professional: they include in depth destination guides, travel advice and tips for getting from A to B and what to do when there. Bloggers take us deeper than a simple brochure or travel guide can. We get to see the real colour and flavour of a country, both the good and the bad.

At HomeAway we like to follow travel blogs too, but every year a flurry of new travel bloggers come to the fore. So we keep our ear to the ground and every year compile our list of the top 10 travel blogs we like to follow, well done to those who made this year’s list.

Pommie Travels

Victoria was inspired to travel from an early age, trips to sunny Europe meant an escape from the sometimes cold and grey weather of Manchester. In 2008 she left for good and began her adventure travelling round the world. Victoria has compiled some great travel tips from how to save money on food (and still eat well) to finding a cheap flight. If you are a woman travelling alone she has some really useful tips and experiences to share with you.

Go Nomad

Go Nomad is less of an individual travel blog and more of a community of bloggers dispensing tips and advice for travel around the world. Go Nomad is a one stop shop for all your travel advice needs where you will find excellent guide for on and off the beaten path. The panel of writers ensures that where ever your destination or type of holiday you like, they have something for you.

Y Travel Blog

Caz, Craig, Kalyra and Savannah make up the Makepeace family. Caz and Craig have both been travelling since 1997, first as a solo travellers, then as a couple and finally as a family with their daughters. Y Travel Blog has good advice for how and where to travel at every stage of life. Thinking of joining the travelling set? Check out their section on working whilst travelling.

Turkish Travel Blog

Whilst many travel blogs detail continuing travels around the world, some focus on just one country, delving far deeper into its culture, history, food and experiences. Natalie’s blog is focused on her adventure as she explores more and more of Turkey. She brings this eclectic and historic country to life with vivid posts with great pictures. Beyond the destination guides check out Natalie’s daily thoughts and her look at Turkish culture and traditions.

Have Baby, Will Travel

Daunted by the thought of jetting off with a baby and looking for some solid tips on how to do this? So was Corrine McDermott. Back when she was preparing for her new arrivals she found there wasn’t much info out there on this so along with her husband she created an excellent resource for young families. You will find guides for travel with babies, toddlers and young children. Her trip reports show the highs and lows of travelling with a young and growing family.

Our Favourite Adventure

Kathleen and Brock’s blog is a relative newcomer having launched in the middle of 2012 when they decided to sell just about everything and cycle the USA from coast to coast. Since then they have jetted off around the world sharing their thoughts and discoveries along the way. Check out their blog for inspiration, health and fitness tips for on the road and how to get better at packing!

Beers & Beans

Beth and Randy’s blog is all about providing inspiration for your next trip whilst also giving you the all important practical know-how. The mix of a journalist and a photographer makes an award winning combination. Aside from the brilliant photos and travel stories don’t forget to check out the Travel DIY page with great travel hacks and tips on things like taking better photos to preserve those special memories.

Mallory on Travel

Looking for something a bit more adventurous? Love the great outdoors? Well so does Ian Mallory, a former Warrant Officer in the Army Physical Training Corps. If you love adventurous activities like skiing, mountaineering, kayaking, diving or really need to get out of an avalanche then Ian is your man! Don’t worry if your more of a couch surfer, there is more than enough on the wonderful destinations Ian visits.

As the bird flies

In 2011 Frankie packed her bags and left London behind to explore the world. Since then she has been sharing her travels through her blog, sometimes solo and sometimes with others. Aside from her day job as a travel blogger Frankie has also written a collection of short stories inspired by her travels which you can also find through her blog.

Confused Julia

The world can be a pretty big place to explore and Julia is making it her life’s mission to see as much as she can, whilst travelling with her partner Scott. Aside from travel, Julia also shares her passion for food through her blog where she shares recipes, foodie travel ideas and guides.


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