Top 10 emerging markets for property supply

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The latest figures from Q3 marketplace report shows that Dubai and Thailand are the most important investment opportunities for property supply. Both of them experienced a huge increase in both property listings and booking enquiries on during the third quarter of 2011. The report (PDF) was based on 1,840 responses collected via surveys from visitors and owners in November 2011.

Famous Marina District in Dubai

Dubai was the third best performing destination with a 46% year on year increase in listings compared to 2010 figures. The largest city of the United Arab Emirates saw a 86% increase in booking enquiries, which reflects the strong interest from British holidaymakers.

Thailand also experienced a considerable growth on, with a 43% increased in the number of property listings compared to 2010 figures. Interest from travellers was also important with a 32% increased in booking enquiries.

Germany and Indonesia continue to hold the two first positions of the chart. Germany saw a 55% of inventory growth and Indonesia experienced a 53% increase. The rest of the the top 10 emerging markets for supply are in this order Croatia (+33%), Iceland (+29%), Malta (+26%), Ireland (+24%), Switzerland (+24%) and India (+23%).

Top 10 emerging markets for supply*

  1. Germany (+55%)
  2. Indonesia (+53%)
  3. UAE/Dubai (+49% / +46%)
  4. Thailand (+43%)
  5. Croatia (+33%)
  6. Iceland (+29%)
  7. Malta (+26%)
  8. Ireland (+24%)
  9. Switzerland (+24%)
  10. India (+23%)

* The list is based on the inventory growth on during Q3 2011 compared to Q3 2010.



Markus SteenTop 10 emerging markets for property supply

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